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Datei:Playing card spade aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Datei; Dateiversionen. Free images of Spade. Related Images: poker shovel playing cards dig spades ace casino gardening garden tools spade · Cards, Heart, Spade, Club. Küchen- und Haushaltsartikel online - MECO 1pcs Smart Edelstahl Poker Card Ace of Spades Drehverschlussöffner. MECO 1pcs Smart Edelstahl. King of Spades Poker Cards Gambling Vegas Club College t Shirt Composition Notebook: Playing Cards Poker Heart Spade Diamond Club T-, Journal 6 x 9. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für ACE OF SPADES I TANK TOP Spade Ace Poker Card Casino Karte Royal Flush Pik As bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele.

Poker Card Spade

Finden Sie Top-Angebote für ACE OF SPADES I TANK TOP Spade Ace Poker Card Casino Karte Royal Flush Pik As bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele. Meco Smart Acero Inoxidable Poker Card Ace of Spades rosca – Abridor Botella de Soda cerveza elegante regalo: Hogar. King of Spades Poker Cards Gambling Vegas Club College t Shirt Composition Notebook: Playing Cards Poker Heart Spade Diamond Club T-, Journal 6 x 9.

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Donetta's Beaded Treasures has uploaded photos to Flickr. Playing Arts is a collaborative art project that gathers the best designers and illustrators from all over the world with an idea to express their vision of an ordinary playing card using personal styles, techniques and imagination.

Take your card playing skills to the stratosphere with the Space deck from Amigos Playing Cards. This set includes images of a set of astronomical playing cards printed in England in the late seventeenth century.

They were produced by Joseph Moxon , a printer of scientific and mathematical texts who was the royal Hydrographer of Charles II.

These cards — an…. Explore pilllpat agence eureka 's photos on Flickr. However, some card games also need to define relative suit rank.

An example of this is in auction games such as bridge , where if one player wishes to bid to make some number of heart tricks and another to make the same number of diamond tricks, there must be a mechanism to determine which takes precedence in the bidding order.

As there is no truly standard way to order the four suits, each game that needs to do so has its own convention; however, the ubiquity of bridge has gone some way to make its ordering a de facto standard.

The pairing of suits is a vestigial remnant of Ganjifa , a game where half the suits were in reverse order, the lower cards beating the higher.

In Ganjifa, progressive suits were called "strong" while inverted suits were called "weak". In Latin decks, the traditional division is between the long suits of swords and clubs and the round suits of cups and coins.

This pairing can be seen in Ombre and Tarot card games. German and Swiss suits lack pairing but French suits maintained them and this can be seen in the game of Spoil Five.

In some games, such as blackjack , suits are ignored. In other games, such as Canasta , only the color red or black is relevant.

In yet others, such as bridge, each of the suit pairings are distinguished. Fundamentally, there are three ways to divide four suits into pairs: by color , by rank and by shape resulting in six possible suit combinations.

Some decks, while using the French suits, give each suit a different color to make the suits more distinct from each other. In bridge , such decks are known as no- revoke decks, and the most common colors are black spades, red hearts, blue diamonds and green clubs, although in the past the diamond suit usually appeared in a golden yellow-orange.

A pack occasionally used in Germany uses green spades comparable to leaves , red hearts, yellow diamonds comparable to bells and black clubs comparable to acorns.

This is a compromise deck devised to allow players from East Germany who used German suits and West Germany who adopted the French suits to be comfortable with the same deck when playing tournament Skat after the German reunification.

Numerous variations of the card French deck have existed over the years. Most notably, Tarot Nouveau has a separate trump suit in addition to the four suits; however it is a series of cards of a different number and style than the suited cards.

There have been many attempts at expanding the French deck to five, six or even more suits where the additional suits have the same number and style of cards as the French suits, but none have attained lasting popularity.

In addition to the four standard French suits, it had two additional suits, red crosses and black bullets. The bullets of that period were spherical, hence the pip was a circle.

Five-suit bridge was an international fad lasting from the summer of to the summer of which led to a number of decks produced for it in Austria, Britain, and the United States.

Previously, Five Star Playing Cards poker sized were manufactured by Five Star Games, which had a gold colored fifth suit of five pointed stars. The court cards are almost identical to the diamond suit in a Gemaco Five-Star deck.

Five-suit decks using the Star suit are still in print in differing designs through vendors such as Stardeck and Newton's Novelties.

Cadaco manufactured a game Tripoley Wild with a fifth suit and other Wild Cards which contain pips of all four standard suits hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs on one card.

That poker sized deck is not sold separately, but as part of boxed game. The Cinco-Loco fifth suit uses a complicated pattern, with color designs in a repeating circular series of pentagrams with four traditional suits in a four color pattern, inner circles get increasingly smaller, the fifth symbol in the circle of pentagrams is a yellow pentagram.

There are then a total of ten symbols in each of the outer and repeated in inner circles. The other suits use a four-color design.

A commercially available five-suit poker card deck is Stardeck which introduces stars as a fifth suit. In the Stardeck cards, the fifth suit is colored a mixture of black and red.

This fifth suit can be counted as either a Red or a Black suit dependent upon the game being played. There are also 2 special cards or Jokers , 1 each of red and black and shown with that colour star in the corner, but no numeral or letter.

Estate Playing Cards designed in , is a contemporary five-suit card deck which adds a fifth suit estate called Waves. Estate cards signifies the five estates identified as Waves green , Hearts red , Diamonds orange , Clubs blue and Spades black.

The three Royals are replaced with two Family - Man and Woman. Jokers are replaced with Imperials Pope and President. Most games can be played, however they become more involved.

Estate Poker has 5,, possible hands with Family Flush as the lowest probability and new hands such as Five of a Kind.

The deck contains 3 Jokers but does not contain aces or twos, making the card count per deck The suits are Hearts red , Spades purple , Clubs green , Diamonds cyan and Stars yellow , matching the colors and symbols on the included "Color die".

Each suit features the typical 13 cards, making a deck of 65 cards. Two blue suits are added to the standard four: Rackets being a pair of crossed tennis rackets, and Wheels from a ship's steering wheel design.

Another out of print six-suited card deck of poker sized playing cards is the Empire Deck, introduced in It has three red suits and three black suits, introducing crowns in red and anchors in black as in the dice game Crown and Anchor.

Deck6 by SHP Games is a six-suited deck with three red suits hearts, diamonds, shields , three black suits clubs, spades, cups and three jokers total 81 cards.

The K6T deck is a six-suited card deck of poker sized playing cards. The traditional suits are colored green clubs and orange diamonds and are completed with blue moons and purple stars.

The courts are represented by chess symbols. Ranks 13 to 18, making 26 ranks in total, are sometimes added. This deck was originally created to allow more players in a game of euchre.

A large number of games are based around a deck in which each card has a rank and a suit usually represented by a color , and for each suit there is exactly one card having each rank, though in many cases the deck has various special cards as well.

Decks for some games are divided into suits, but otherwise bear little relation to traditional games.

An example would be the board game Taj Mahal , in which each card has one of four background colors, the rule being that all the cards played by a single player in a single round must be the same color.

The selection of cards in the deck of each color is approximately the same and the player's choice of which color to use is guided by the contents of their particular hand.

In the trick-taking card game Flaschenteufel " The Bottle Imp " , all cards are part of a single sequence ranked from 1 to 37 but split into three suits depending on its rank.

For this reason every card in the deck has a different number to prevent ties. A further strategic element is introduced since one suit contains mostly low-ranking cards and another, mostly high-ranking cards.

Any one of these four classifications could be considered a suit , but this is not really enlightening in terms of the structure of the game.

Several people have invented decks which are not meant to be seriously played. The Cripple Mr. Onion deck uses eight fictional suits, but may be simulated by combining the standard French suits with the traditional Latin suited ones or by using a modern 8-suited deck.

The Discordian deck is a parody of the Tarot deck, its five suits corresponding to the five Discordian elements.

The card game of sabacc from the Star Wars universe has the suits of staves, flasks, sabers, and coins similar to Latin suits , with cards ranked one through fifteen, plus two each of eight other cards which have no suit.

In World of Warcraft , there are cards that randomly drop from humanoid enemies. If a player collected the entire suit, they could trade it for a trinket that would grant special abilities.

Initially, this was limited to the ace through eight of the suits of Elementals, Beasts, Warlords, and Portals. A later content patch added the suits of Lunacy, Storms, Furies, and Blessings.

The Inscription skill allowed the crafting of cards of the suits of Mages, Swords, Rogues, and Demons. In Robert Asprin 's MythAdventures series, Dragon Poker is played using a standard deck, but with the suits consisting of elves, ogres, unicorns and dragons.

In computer and other digital media , suit symbols can be represented with character encoding , notably in the ISO and Unicode standards, or with Web standard SGML 's named entity syntax :.

Unicode is the most frequently used encoding standard, and suits are in the Miscellaneous Symbols Block —26FF of the Unicode.

In some card games the card suits have a dominance order: club lowest - diamond - heart - spade highest.

That led to in spades being used to mean more than expected, in abundance, very much. Other expressions drawn from bridge and similar games include strong suit any area of personal strength and to follow suit to imitate another's actions.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Hearts card game Spades card game Stripped deck. The suit system may have originated in Catalonia and spread out through the western Mediterranean before being replaced by the "Spanish" system.

The association with Portugal comes from the fact that they continued to use it until completely going over to French suits at the beginning of the 20th century.

However, when comparing only the pips, it is Germanic. Cards combining the two suit systems are manufactured in different versions with different combinations of suits.

Clubs are also known as clovers, flowers and crosses. The English term spade originally did not refer to the tool but was derived from the Spanish word espada meaning sword from the Spanish suit.

Those symbols were later changed to resemble the digging tool instead to avoid confusion. In German and Dutch the suit is alternatively named Schippen and schoppen respectively, meaning shovels.

The Oxford Guide to Card Games. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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